Free Premium

Congratalations to player CraftyMatthew who has won a Free Minecraft Premium account for building big, ranking up fast and being a good member of the server, there is still more accounts left to be won for the pepole who need them, are nice and play good over time.


Free Premium

Congratalations to player lordt who has won a Free Minecraft Premium account for building big, ranking up fast and being a good member of the server, there is still more accounts left to be won for the pepole who need them, are nice and play good over time.


Youtube Video

We Recently uploaded a brief server tour to youtube, this is the 3rd upload since 2012, This will show you the new worlds, where everyone can go.


Win a Free QuadCore PowerMac G5

Do you Hate windows and love mac but only have a windows computer to play on? We are giving away a Quad core PowerMac G5 with 4GB RAM to anyone who can invite a lot of players, Play every day and put it to good use on our PowerPC Compatable Server.

If you are intrested let ether me or Tallulah95 know in the server and we'll keep an eye on your's and the others progress over time and decide who will win.

PowerPC G5 Quad 2.5GHz
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8

Everyone over the age of 12 and in the UK has a chance to win

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New sections on the Website

We have now added a crafting page and skin editing page to the website. The crafting page gives you detailed plans to craft items for those who haven't played minecraft much or are new to the game we hope this helps. The skin editor allows you to upload your skin and edit it to change things about the ski its nice and simple to use and is easy to save your designs you can also design from scratch and create a complety new skin for your self to use.



We are now happy to anounce the arrival of a PVP arena for players to play in. There is a store thee to buy equiptment and armor as well as enchant the items your self so they are at your levels to even the playing field. We hope you enjoy🙂


Mini games

We would like to announce the arrival of 2 new mini games !!!! We now have a mob arena for you to battle endless hordes and win great prizes as well as a Parkour map which our returning players (those from our old servers) will recognize. The game portals are located In the portal room down from spawn. We are also looking to add spleef to the collection of games for everyone to enjoy. Good Luck 🙂



If any of our player encounter any issuse please can you in for an Owner if they are on this is Rmellis or Tallulah95 otherwise please post in the forum on the website as we check this everyday and would like to knw of any issuse players are having with anything we also advice that they look at the FAQ page of the website as the problem they are having maybe on there. We would also like very much to get your opinions on thing and what if anything our players would want adding such as games or plugins. We will look into each suggestion as we appreciate your suggestions. Thanks. 🙂


New Server!

Floydcraft is currently in whitelist mode because we are moveing server, the new server will remove the lagg you have had the last few weeks, come back in a few hours for a Faster FloydCraft, Dont worry about loseing your house, Factions and items, everything will be transfured safely

Floydcraft is Back online on the new server running a lot Faster.


Mini Games

Coming soon games!! We are currently working on adding some mini games such as a parkour park, a maze and Spliff. We may have more than these two in the future but for now these are the ones we are working on we hope you enjoy them when they are done ! Worlds coming soon !!!! We are currently working on some more custom generated worlds. At moment we have two custom worlds , The Custom Nether and The City world. These are so people can grief to there hearts content and explore new ruins and gain more loot from your travels. In the coming months we hope to be adding a few more and we hope you enjoy them ! The worlds can be found under spawn, there are portals to use to get there as well as warps to use.


New Worlds

Attention everyone we would like to announce the arrival of new worlds as any of you already know we have a custom nether. This means that there is more things to explore and more loot to gain from the ruins along with giant mushrooms. From this we have now added another custom world! The City World complete with roads, sewers, bridges and even trains! This world is for grieving this mean that anything here is up for grabs, all the buildings are made from different resources and there are farms to loot and even chests to find hidden in buildings and around the different areas. There are also tents to find in the wilderness of the big citys and they also contain cool loot however be careful where you step as some of them maybe be boobie trapped.


FloydCraft is Back!

Floydcraft 1.5.2 for PowerPCis Back again..
Floydcraft started back in 2011 on minecraft 1.2 and has been going on and off ever since, this is the 5th Floydcraft world since it started and has all the origional plugns we used from then and more.
Floydcraft aims to be like minecraft used to be back when we first started, a world where everyone can walk round and build randomly and claim, you can build as messy as you want where ever it lets you and grief where isnt claimed, There is also a Griefing world you can visit for all the blocks you need to build with.

Texture Pack

Floydcraft uses the Sphax Texture Pack, Download it Here
Pack on Resources page.

PowerPC Audio Patch

To Play Minecraft on PowerPC Mac you will need to patch the installed files for the audio to work corectly, the pulseaudio files that come with minecraft 1.5.2 are .class files that for some reason mojang decided to compile into java SE 6 even though the rest of minecraft was compiled in java 5.. this results in a loude static sound every time java trys to make a sound with the incompatable java file, this patch is the exact same file compiled in java 5
Patch on Resources page.

New Website

Floydcraft is haveing another website because of a issue with the database, this version will be faster, smoother and more compatable